Multi-Reel Carriers (RC) 10K to 21K Capacity


• 16 Inch diameter bronze disc reel shaft brakes with manual calipers.
• Quick change reel shaft removal with straight vertical lift.
• 2-5/8 Inch diameter reel shafts with bronze bushings.
• Double drive arms.
• Locking collars with lifting loop.
• Leaf spring suspension axles.
• Electric trailer brakes.
• Four position adjustable tow eye with pin type connections and two safety chains with hooks.
• Mechanical drop-leg front jack.
• (2) Mechanical drop-leg rear jacks.
• Four light trailer light system.
• Heavy duty checker plate fenders.
• Unit is sandblasted, primed and painted with two coats of enamel finish paint.

• Hydraulic brake calipers with central operator’s control station (in lieu of manual calipers).
• Manual reel shaft rewind.
• Hydraulic reel shaft rewind with free wheeling disconnect.
• Bullwheel module mounted on trailer (multi-groove or
v-groove bullwheel available).
• Air/Hydraulic trailer brakes (in lieu of electric trailer brakes)

Multi Carriers 10K to 21K