Cable Reel Winder – RCSL SRW 21-108-84 SL

The Cable Reel Winder is capable of self-loading, winding, paying out and transporting cable reels. The unit is equipped with a closed loop hydraulic system. The reel winder drive system provides for infinitely variable speed controls and allows the cable to be ulled in and tensioned out under controlled tension through the hydraulic system.

• Fully hydrostatic drive system with infinite speed and tension control.
• Radio Remote Control Console.
• 66 HP water-cooled diesel engine.
• 19-gallon fuel tank with level gauge.
• Cable guidance fairleads.
• Rear Cable Arm (Snorkel) will trail the main unit two positions.

Maximum Reel Torque: 88,000 lbs. in.
Maximum Reel Speed: 16 rpm

Maximum Reel Diameter: 108”
Minimum Reel Diameter: 96”
Reel Width: 71 - 84”
Arbor Shaft Diameter: 5”
Maximum Reel Weight: 21,000 lbs.