Reel-handling equipment for distribution conductor stringing

TSE’s versatile range of reel stands and reel carriers includes single-reel carriers or multi-reel carriers to handle up to four reels on one trailer.

Our full line incorporates TSE’s exclusive Quick-Change Reel Shaft Removal System for maximum efficiency in the field, and includes self-loading models for enhanced safety and productivity.

Models are also available with optional bronze disc brakes and hydraulic drives.

Beam Flip Model 2003
Reel Trailer

Powered Reel Stand
PRS 8-72X44

Reel Stands (RS)
8K to 20K Capacity

Reel Carriers 4,500, 7,000, 11,000 LBS. Capacity

Turret Single Reel Carrier
TRC 5-72X54

Reel Stands (RS)

Multi Reel Carriers