TSE Introduces the Electric Power Rodder S660E

The First Battery Electric Powered Rodder

February 2022 – TSE International is an industry leader known for designing and manufacturing superior quality cable pulling and tensioning equipment for the utility industry.  OK Champion Power Rodders for the sewer, electric, and telecommunications industries are expertly manufactured by TSE.  TSE’s proven engineering expertise as the innovator in electric driven utility equipment has led to the development of the first electric Sewer/Duct Rodder.

In February 2022, TSE introduced the OK Champion S660E Battery Electric driven Power Rodder.  Quiet, emission free power means the S660E can be used in peaceful neighborhoods without disturbing the residents or the busiest of streets without adding to the noise and pollution. In addition, operators can safely work and communicate without shouting over the roar of a diesel engine or smelling the fumes. 
The proven S660 Drive Head provides reliable performance and productivity equal to the OK Champion hydraulic driven units that have been the standard in the industry for over 50 years.  The S660E ups the ante with state-of-the-art electronic controls which improve operator comfort and provide advanced diagnostics.  TSE has proven this technology with our Green Machines® which are revolutionizing the utility industry.