Ok Champion TM
OK Champion 660 Diesel Rodder
OK Champion 660 Diesel Rodder

Rodder And Puller Equipment for Underground Cable Pulling

TSE International is the industry’s complete source for underground cable pulling and sewer maintenance equipment. TSE is the exclusive manufacturer of original OK Champion sewer rodders, cable scrappers and reel loaders. Go here for info on a Battery-Powered Electric Rodder

S660 Power Rodder

OK Champion Sewer Rodders set the standard for continuous rodding equipment. The S66 and S660 Rodders are easy to use and flexible enough to tackle all duct and sewer rodding jobs. All OK Champion Rodders feature fast simple operation of the rod - forward/reverse action, clockwise/counterclockwise rotation, lateral movement and braking action - all performed with a convenient one-hand control. Visual hydraulic gauges indicate pressure of lateral and rotation circuits at all times. Controls are located for the convenience of the operator.

These continuous power rodders (or sewer rodders) are designed for heavy duty rodding of telephone and power conduit, sanitary and storm sewer lines. They are capable of pushing continuous rod up to 300 meters (1000’) in conduit without spinning. In extreme circumstances where plugging or mis-alignment of the duct has occurred, the rod can be rotated to a maximum distance of 450 meters(1500’).

The drive head is totally hydraulically driven - no chains, belts, sprockets, pulleys or countershafts! This superior S66/S660 drive head reduces “down time” since there are fewer moving parts susceptible to normal wear and replacement. Powerful dual stage hydraulic drive allows complete independence of lateral and rotation speeds.

Two hydraulic motors mounted on the drive head provide power directly to the three pairs of gear driven, heat treated steel drive rolls. The S66 Rodders feature preset manual drive roll torquing, while the S660 utilizes proportional hydraulic torquing for longer rod life and greater pulling power.

• Rod distance meter
• Lateral pressure control
• Rotation pressure control
• Rod Oiler

• Unitized control handle
• Direct hydraulic drive
• 700 m (2300 ft.) rod capacity
• Rolled drive roll gears
• Enclosed rod drive

• Flexible or rigid rod guide set
• Cable pulling guide sets
• Manhole dewatering pump
• Manhole ventilator
• Rod wash down system

• Pulling Force: 3175 kg (7000 lbs.)
• Rod Speed: 61 m/min (200 fpm)
• Rod Diameter: 9.52 mm (.375”) - 11.71 mm (.461”)