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All-in-one reconductoring solution

BWPT-120 All-in-one reconductoring solution


In Hayward, CA, the local power utility required equipment to complete a line pull of 15,000 ft. of conductor, wrecking out the old 636 line while pulling in the new 954 conductor.


Access to the job site was very confined, requiring a highly compact equipment solution.


TSE International delivered a BWPT-120 puller-tensioner that could complete each step of the reconductoring with a single unit. With the ability to operate effectively as both a puller and a tensioner, this system can pull out old conductor, wind it on a scrap reel, unload it and tension out the new conductor. A self-loading, powered reel winder is an integral part of the machine, allowing reels of conductor or pulling rope to be loaded and unloaded without a crane on the location.

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