RCH 4.5-72×44 Hydraulic Tensioner

Line Surge and Galloping are eliminated by this unique hydraulic tensioning reel carrier. The system is self-contained and provides smooth accurate control of the conductor tension. Ideal for use where fine control of the conductor is required or where shock loads must be avoided during fiber optic caple or special installation. An excellent Tensioner for use with a TSE Poleboss.

• Spring applied/hydraulic released drive line brake.
• Single axle with electric brakes.
• Highway lighting.
• 9 H.P. Gasoline engine for pullback capability.

• Skid mount reel stand.

•  Reel shaft diameter: 2 5/8"
•  Maximum reel diameter: 72"
Maximum reel width: 44"
• Maximum reel weight: 4500 lbs.
• Maximum torque: 20,000 in-lbs.
• Length (approx): 124"
• Width (approx): 80"
• Height (approx): 64"
• Weight (approx): 2000 lbs.