Single Reel Carrier – RC 19.5-96X68

• Maximum reel capacity: 96 inches diameter by 68 inches wide and 19,500 lbs.
• Tandem axle set with 30,000 lbs. capacity (33,000 GVWR).
• Sping leaf type with ABS Air brakes.
• Four tires totaling the capacity of the unit.
• Reel shaft to be 5” in diameter with 24” bronze overspin brake and manually operated caliper.
• Hydraulic motor with gearbox and sprockets for rewind purposes. Also includes a freewheel option and quick disconnects.
• Customer to supply power source.

• 13 HP power pack with directional control, relief valve, hydraulic tank, and fuel tank.
• Post-type Levelwind.
• 3-1/4 Reelshaft.
• 5-1/4 Reelshaft.
• Hydraulic front jack.
• Two hydraulic rear jacks