T300-3H/3 Truck Mounted Three Conductor Bullwheel Tensioner

The T300-3H/3 Three Conductor Bullwheel Tensioner is completely hydraulically controlled. The unit is able to tension three conductors simultaneously at 10,000 lbs. at a linespeed of 4 mph or pull 10,000 lbs. at a linespeed of 1 mph when hauling back one conductor at a time. Bullwheel speed is infi nitely variable from 0 to the maximum rated linespeed when tensioning conductor.

• Three sets of multiple groove bullwheels.
• Each bullwheel set has its own hydraulic drive.
• Three roller input fairleads to guide the conductor from the remote supply reel into the input groove of the bullwheel.
• 80 gallon hydraulic reservoir with sight gauge and temperature gauge.
• Engraved operator’s console will include bullwheel direction and speed control, tension controls, master tension control, hydraulic brake controls, conductor tension gauges and hydraulic oil temperature gauge.

• (Dimensions for basic skid less cab and over rollers)
• Unit Length: 25’-0”
• Unit Width: 8’-6”
• Unit Height: 8’-4” Overall height (depends on vehicle mounted on)
• Unit Weight: 49,500 lbs (complete with chassis, approx.)