Reel Winders (RW) 12K to 20K Capacity

• Fully hydraulic drive with fixed displacement hydraulic motor and planetary gear reducer drive (hydraulic power from Bullwheel Puller or other source).
• Spring applied-hydraulic pressure released drive line brake, rated for 150% of load. Applies automatically in the event of loss of hydraulic power.
• Quick change reel shaft removal system.

• Freewheel clutch pin for payout of rope.
• Manual reel shaft brake caliper with bronze disc brake for controlled payout of rope.
• Hydraulic brake caliper (in leiu of manual caliper).
• Air brake caliper.
• Hydraulic boom type levelwind.
• Self-powered diamond leadscrew levelwind.

RW 12-72X44: 2-5/8 inch
RW 15-90x52: 3-1/2 inch
RW 20-96x52: 3-1/2 inch

PERFORMANCE (Linepull or Tension)
30 inch diameter: ,300 lbs @ 4.5 mph
48 inch diameter: 800 lbs @ 7.3 mph
72 inch diameter: 500 lbs @ 11.7 mph