Ok Champion TM

15k & 20k Reel Loaders

REEL LOADER Capabilities / Features
• Transport reels of cable, perform cable removal and placement operations with a single vehicle.
• Hydraulically lift and transfer reels of cable ranging from 8,000 lbs. to 20,000 lbs. per reel.
• 2-1/2” or 3” spindle bars with hydraulic latches.
• Standard features include stabilizer jacks, automatic locking cone and flange collars, 12 V outlets, warning lights.
• Installed and tested on suitable chassis supplied by customer.

Models / Capacities
• RL12047: Dual position Reel Loader; maximum payload 30,000 lbs.; lifts and transfers reels up to 15,000 lbs. and 8’ diameter.
• RL12048: Single position Reel Loader; maximum payload 15,000 lbs. and 8’ diameter.
• RL20029: Dual position Reel Loader; maximum payload 40,000 lbs.; lifts and transfers reels up to 20,000 lbs. and 9’ diameter. Includes self-adjusting reel rim drive and 20,000 lb. winch.

Reel rim drives for cable removal
• 14,000 lb. pull on 96” reel with 42” hub
• 76” Usable width
• Direct hydraulic drive
• Two sets of solid tire rollers on pivoting frame

Hydraulic Bed Winch
• 20,000 lb. Continuous duty planetary underground pulling winch
• Drum level wind
• 2,000’ of 1/2” wire rope
• Drum free-spool
• Extension shaft for capstan drive

Additional Options
• Hydraulic hose reel with tool circuit
• Truck body with compartments in various configurations hitch packages
• 15 ton or 22.5 ton hitch package
• Includes subframe for hitch
• Air cushioned pintle hook

Universal Swivel Sheave
• 360 deg. capacity allows easy winch line pulling and cable pulling - even in the tightest situations
• Eliminates the need to reposition the truck to pull cable past the sheave
• Available in sizes to accommodate up to 5” diameter cable

RL12047 Reel Loader