6711 Stringing Blocks

The 6711E stringing block is specifically designed for installation of distribution conductors and is normally used at the first and last span poles or on any other distribution application where a heavier load or a larger conductor bending radius is desirable such as on 45O to 90O turns or on heavy compound angles.

With a variety of suspension fittings, the 6711E can be fitted to slings, chain davits or with the optional adjustable base, can be installed on cross-arms.

Model 6711E - P/N 815818

Model 6711E w GB - P/N 6000182 X-arm base - P/N 808355

• Gate opening latch is a one hand operation.
• Gate latch is designed for safe, smooth single motion hotstick operation allowing the conductor to be removed from the same side.
• Extended rope guards prevent rope from snagging between frame and sheave.
• Enclosed top to protect rope or conductor in case of uplift.
• All edges are smoothly contoured to prevent damage to rope or conductor.
• Optional grounding block with an extended shaft for ground clamp connection.