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Break Away Reel
Break Away Reel

Break Away Reels

Steel breakaway reels are specifically designed for
winding in and banding old conductor on reconductoring operations. They may be used with take-up winders or puller tensioners and feature tapered barrels for ease of conductor removal in a compact banded coil.

Dua Pulls
Dua Pull® Feed Tube

Dua-Pull® Feed Tube

The Kellems Dua-Pull® Feed Tube is used when
assembling synthetic rope into the DUA-pull Grip. It is required on the largest two sizes of DUA-pull Grips. Feed Tubes are available for use on all size DUA-pull Grips.

Kwit Mount
Kwikmount Traveling Grounds

Kwikmount Traveling Grounds, 9003-3A, 9004-4A, 9003-3S

Kwikmount Traveling Grounds are specially designed for grounding conductors and/or pulling rope in a range of diameter from 1/4″ (6 mm) up to 2 1/2″ (64 mm).

Line Swivels
Line Swivels

Line Swivels

The Line Swivel is intended for connecting the pull rope to the utility product in an overhead or underground application. The swivel permits rotation of the pull rope while protecting the product from twisting.