DP 14-4H Drum Puller

This Four Drum Puller with four separate pulling drums and ropes is ideal for distribution conductor installation jobs where light linepulls are required. It can also be used as a pilot line winder.


• Proven hydraulic pulling system with mechanical clutch for each drum.
• Water-cooled diesel engine
• Infinitely variable linespeed and linepull control
• Anti-rotation clutch to prevent accidental payout of rope during pulling
• Four pulling drums, each with capacity for 6,000 ft. of 3/8” diameter synthetic rope
• Free-wheeling drum disconnect for high speed rope payout
• Bronze payout disc brakes on each drum
• Automatic diamond leadscrew levelwind for even spooling of rope on the drum
• Central operator’s position for maximum safety and visibility with engraved console panel
• Tandem axle trailer for maximum stability with leaf spring suspension.
• 93” x 63” cargo area


• Direction Control Lever with Infinite Speed Adjustment and Anti-Payout Stop
• Adjustable Pull / Tension Control with Limit if Preset Tension is Reached
• Hydraulic System Pressure Gauge
• Keyed Engine Ignition
• Engine Throttle Control
• Engine Choke Control
• Permanently Engraved Operator’s Control Panel

DP 14-4H Drum Puller Spec Chart