Drum Puller DP10-4H

The DP-10-4H is a compact and portable hydraulically powered 4 drum puller. Designed as a light distribution puller, it can also serve as a pilot line winder. The pulling unit can be removed from the trailer and pole mounted with power supplied by the integral power-pack or from a line truck. Power is transmitted to the drums through a common drive train. A diamond leadscrew levelwind, accommodating one reel at a time, provides an even wrap during the pull. Individual overspin brakes can be controlled manually or with a hot stick.


• Single axle trailer with 6,000 lbs. axle.
• 18 HP air cooled engine.
• 6 Gallon fuel tank.
• 12 Gallon hydraulic tank.
• Diamond leadscrew levelwind.
• Free wheeling drums with disc drag brakes.
• Fine control manual callipers on drag brakes.
• Individual drum clutches.
• Anti-rotation device on drive system.


Length: 135”
Width: 92”
Height: 74”
Weight (without rope.): 3,200 lbs

Drum Puller DP-10-4H