Pilot Line Winder SPLW 50-4


• Four proven hydrostatic pulling systems with infinitely variable linespeed and linepull control.
• Skid mounted suitable for truck or trailer mount versions
• 5,000 lbs. of continuous linepull on each of four full drums.
• Heavy duty reels each with capacity for up to 30,000 ft. of 3/8” swaged steel wire rope.
• Spring applied, hydraulic pressure released holding brakes on each reel.
• Engraved operator’s console panel.
• 30,000 lbs. capacity front winch (for front mount version) with two speed ranges.
• Two heavy duty rear hydraulic stabilizers with lock valves.
• Four automatic diamond leadscrew levelwind systems for even spooling of rope onto reels.
• Freewheeling disconnect with 36 inch bronze disc brake on each reel.
• Quick change reel shaft system for ready reel removal and installation.


• Unit Length: 32’-8”
• Unit Width: 8’-0”
• Unit Height: 12’-6”
• Unit Weight: 80,000 lbs. (approx.)
(Installed on Chassis)


• 6 x 6 wheel drive chassis with single front axle and tandem rear axles.
• 9 speed manual transmission.
• Air conditioned and heated truck cab.
• Other options available

Pilot Line Winder