Ok Champion TM
Cable Scrappers

SCMCV 2000 Cable Scrapper


The Cable Scrapper is a high production hydraulically driven machine that removes communication and power cable from underground ducts while simultaneously cutting it into manageable scrap lengths. Its value is that the operation is performed in a minimum space, safely with a minimum of handling of the cable. All conventional utility cables can be accommodated by the scrapper including armored cable.

The Cable Scrapper continuously pulls the cable from the duct and manhole, and conveys it internally through a boom to a discharge point, where it is shear cut and automatically distributed into a dump truck for transporting. The machine operation is simple and requires labor only for the initial attachment or lifting the cable into the power capstan. Once the cable is placed into the machine’s pulling wheel, the operation is fully automatic. The unit positioned at the manhole, occupies minimal street area, thus minimizing traffics disruption. Safety is a prime feature in that the operation is completely contained within the immediate work site.

The hydraulic capstan of the cable scrapper provides a pulling force of over 11,000 kg (25,000 lbs.) This is sufficient to remove most cable even if severely impacted within the duct. It pulls at high production speeds once in automatic operation and cuts the cable continuously in convenient 1.2 m (4’) lengths for economical recycling.

Selective positioning allows zeroing in on any problem or routine set-up. This fully hydraulic assembly provides easy power positioning of the cable entry and discharge with infinite flexibility for any unusual or difficult work requirements.

• 6-Way Power Articulation
• Constant Power Pulling
• Automatic Cutting Operation
• Emergency Stop Controls
• Telescopic Discharge Boom

• Unsurpassed Articulation
• Smooth Hydraulic Positioning
• Power Rotating Sheave
• Cantilevered Boom

• Hydraulic Pulling Frame
• Cable Pull-in Feature
• Underground Pulling Winch
• Pull Rope Take-up Drum
• Strand Cutting Blade


• Pulling Speed: 43 m/min (140 fpm)
• Pulling Force: 11,339 kg (25,000 lbs.)
• Boom Reach: 32’
• Cutter Boom Reach: 10”
• OAL: 32’
• OAW: 8’