T150H72 2-Bundle Two Conductor / Bullwheel Tensioner

The T150H72-2 is a trailer mounted hydraulic, two-bundle, bullwheel tensioner. The tensioner can operate with one or two conductors. The Bullwheels are driven by a hydraulic drive. Each drive consists of a variable displacement axial piston motor; a spring-on, hydraulic released holding brake, a planetary reducer and a fi nal chain drive. The machine has infinite speed and linepull control from zero to the maximum performance.

Standard Equipment 

• 72 HP Diesel engine
• Tandem axle 30,000 lbs capacity with electric brakes
• Hydraulic pump rated at 3600 PSI
• Hydraulic oil cooler with 430,000 BTU/hr @ 100- F capacity
• 40 gallon hydraulic reservoir
• Front and rear hydraulic jacks


• Maximum Continuous Tension: 15,000 lbs.
• Maximum Tensioning Speed: 4 MPH
• Bullwheel Diameter: 72 inches
• Groove Diameter: 2 inches
• Number of Grooves: 5 per bullwheel

• Unit Length:  31’-4”
• Unit Width:  8’-6”
• Unit Height 12’-2”
• Unit Weight 30,000 lbs (approx.)

150H72-2 Bundle Two Conductor / Bullwheel Tensioner