T30/36 BWRC Tensioner / Reel Carrier


• Smooth control of conductors up to 3,000 lbs. tension
• Hydraulic bronze disc brakes with equal retarding to each bullwheel.
• Open reeve bullwheels for easy conductor installation and removal.
• 36” bullwheel with replaceable urethane lining segments.
• Tail fairlead with 3 rubber lined rollers.
• Tandem axle with leaf spring suspension.
• Reel capacity up to 72” diameter, 54” wide and 7,000 lbs.
• Quick change reel shaft with straight vertical lift.
• 16” bronze disc reel brake with manual caliper.


Unit Length: 16’-2”
Unit Width: 7’-5”
Unit Height: 8’-9”
Unit Weight: 3,650 lbs. (approx.)

T30/36 BWRC Tensioner