TRW-120-3 Underground Reel Trailer

The TRW-120-3 Underground Cable Reel Trailer is a 3-reel multi purpose reel carrier that may be used to transport,
install, or remove cables. With 20,000 lbs of payload capacity, this trailer is ideal for users with a wide variety of
underground conductor installation jobs. Load up with conductor and work in a number of locations. It is fast, convenient,
and maneuverable.

• 3 independently driven reels for loading conductor reels can be driven in either direction
• 20,000 lbs. payload capacity
• Capacity for approximately 3,000 ft. of 2-1/8” diameter conductor per reel
• Rear mounted capstan provides 3,000 lbs. of line pull to pull winch rope
• Drag brake on reels prevents overspin of reel during payout
• Rear wheel drive for the absolute best in on-site maneuverability
• Air brake system with emergency air/parking brake system.
• Smooth control hydraulic system powered by 18 HP diesel engine.
• Adjustable roller fairleads to guide conductor into manhole
• Hydraulic hose reel with 25 ft ½” dual hose

• Wheel chocks
• Hydraulic tool circuit
• Beacon lighting
• Backup alarm
• Hydraulically maneuvered fairlead arm

• Maximum continuous torque: 30,000 in-lbs
• Maximum reel speed: 470 fpm at full reel speed (15 rpm)
• Linepull (full reel): 600 lbs.
• Linepull (bare reel): 1,800 lbs.
• Max payload capacity: 20,000 lbs.
• Capstan linepull: 3,000 lbs.
• Engine (diesel): 18 HP

• Length (approx): 234 inches
• Width (approx): 96 inches
• Height (approx): 153 inches
• Weight: 14,000 lbs

TRW 120 -3 Ferris Wheel Trailer