UP120 & UP120BDH Underground Pullers

The TSE Model UP-120& UP-120BDH Underground cable pullers provide infi nite speed control and precise tension and distance monitoring. The 12” bullwheels are powered by a hydrostatic drive with a variable displacement axial piston pump and a two speed hydraulic motor. The cable payout is on demand with the bullwheel drive system feeding the pulling rope when any load in excess of 1 lb. is placed on the cable.

In the low linepull range the unit has a continuous linepull of 12,000 lbs and a maximum speed of 60 fpm. In the high speed range the unit has a maximum continuous linepull of 6,000 lbs. and a maximum speed of 120 fpm. In either speed range the linespeed is infi nitely variable from 0 to maximum. The speed control provides excellent inching capability throughout all line pull settings.

The storage reel will hold 2,300 ft. of 9/16 in. diameter steel pulling rope. A diamond lead screw automatic levelwind provides for even winding of the pulling rope onto the storage reel. The levelwind is driven from the storage reel and automatically traverses as the reel turns.

A dynamometer gauge is included calibrated in lbs. of linepull with an adjustable overload cut-off that will automatically stop the pull if the preset maximum line pull is reached. The unit is equipped with an emergency stop button and a 20 ft. long pendant cord. In the event the button is depressed all pulling will stop.

An 8 inch swivelling rear fairlead sheave is provided to guide the pulling rope into the machine. The sheave pivots through 360 degrees and has a locking screw to set it at any angle.

• 12,000 lb. maximum linepull
• 0-120 fpm maximum linespeed range
• 12” bullwheels with 5 grooves
• Reel capacity of 2,300 ft. of 9/16” wire rope
• Rope payout on demand
• Automatic leadscrew levelwind
• Swivelling rear fairlead
• Remote emergency stop button
• Overload cut-off
• Tool box
• 26 hp electric start gasoline engine on the UP-120
• 61 hp gasoline engine and 175 cfm air compressor combination on the UP-120BHJ

• Pivoting rear jib with multi-positional roller.
• Chart recorder kit.
• Three roller assembly for a larger bending radius.
• Hold down roller assembly with 4”, 5” & 6” cabinet adapters to prevent pulling the duct out of the ground.

• Unit Length: 18’-4”
• Unit Width: 6’-4”
• Unit Height: 9’-4”
• Unit Weight: 8,400 lbs. (approx.)

UP120 Underground Pullers