660E Electric Rodder
Ok Champion TM

TSE is the exclusive manufacturer of original OK Champion sewer rodders, cable scrappers and reel loaders and now offer an electric battery powered Sewer Rodder. | S660 Rodder: Diesel Powered Sewer Rodders

S660E Electric Rodder

Performance Features

TSE International’s OK Champion Model S660E is an electrically driven continuous power rodder designed for heavy-duty rodding of telephone and power conduit, sanitary and storm sewer lines.

Capitalizing on the proven design of the S660 drive head, the rodder is driven by battery powered electric motors. Noise and emissions are non-existent and maintenance expenditures are significantly reduced as the rodder no longer requires an engine or PTO to drive it.

The rodder is capable of pushing continuous rod up to 1000’ without spinning and in extreme circumstances where plugging or misalignment of the duct or sewer has occurred, the rod can be rotated to a maximum distance of 1500’. Operator controls include forward and reverse action, clockwise and counterclockwise rotation, lateral movement and braking action with a LCD screen to display critical functions.


Self-contained battery driven power source
OK Champion S660 Drive Head Skid mounted for customer installation
• Eight hour battery capacity


Direct rod head drive with no chains or other mechanical power transmission devices Electric/hydraulic drive head with variable speed 35 hp electric motor

Rod drive head includes three pairs of drive rollers directly driven through pinion gears of two hydraulic motors with three other drive rolls mounted on stationary shafts and three opposing drive rollers mounted on adjustable shafts for wear compensation

Clamping force on the rod through the drive rolls is applied hydraulically with pressure proportional to the pulling or pushing force to eliminate excess wear in light rodding conditions, allowing maximum torque during heavy load conditions

Drive rolls rotate on radial thrust bearings and can be replaced without removing the drive head

Two speed drive motors are plumbed directly from a hydraulic swivel barrel with stainless steel tube type fittings and without the use of black pipe or flexible hoses


Rotation Speed: 0 to 175 rpm
Rod Pulling Force: 3,500 lbs @ 200 fpm
8,000 lbs @ 100 fpm
Capacity for 2,200’ of .375” diameter rod (.393” and .461” rod available upon request)


96 Volt - 200Ah battery with controller
Eight hour battery capacity with intermittent use 200Ah Capacity – 19.2 kWh energy
350 Amp continuous – 33.6 kW continuous


All controls and instruments are located in a single control panel at the rear passenger side of the skid.

Controls and instrumentation include:
HMI screen replaces gauges
Single unitized control handle for controlling rod movement
Battery meter
Rod drive and rotation force readout
Force controls: lateral rod and rotation rod control
Rod footage readout, self-canceling and accumulative
Automatic rodding mode - lockout available